Who is a Loony?

The Loony’s is a loose association of local writers, musicians, performers, artists and circus performers. Each performance there is elements of spoken poetry, performance poetry, action poetry, poetry in motion and general tomfoolery along the way.

There is no set list of performers although there is a main crew of local community members who organise the show production and perform. With the main performing categories being poets, musicians, artists and circus arts the possible performances are endless and always creative.  As an open mic performance anyone is welcome to join in on the night.

It is a performance run totally by volunteers and performers who volunteer their services, time and equipment for a show. The venue for these bi-monthly shows is a world renowned outdoor venue, the Kuranda Amphitheatre, totally staffed by volunteers. It’s truly a community effort and shows the amazing amount of talent and dedication to the arts in the small Kuranda community.

No-one gets paid to perform or help so some would say that’s why we are Loony’s.

Kitty, Quiffy, Solar, Morgan - Loony Volunteers
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