Loony Poet's Perfomance December 2010


Looney Poets December 2010 Issac Cayce reading poetry while Marc Steiner paints in the background
Once upon a time in a small village called Kuranda, hidden in the lush rainforest behind Cairns, Far North Queensland, there was a group of loony poets who came together on a Full Moon evening to recite, entrance and entertain the Kuranda village locals.

Time moves on and so did some of the poets; some to other villages, some to the great recital hall in the sky. A new generation of loony poets grew in the village who, with twists and turns, added to the traditions of old loony’s, and so a new version of the Full Moon gatherings was birthed.

Come watch our particular brand of lunacy involving poetry in all its forms; poetry in motion, performance poetry, poetry through art and poetry. Or if so inclined, put your best act on and join in the fun.

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